Hooke’s Law

For this post I have been asked to plot and evaluate data from a Hooke’s Law experiment.

X vs Y Dark

X vs y Table dark

The above graph shows two different materials (Y1 & Y2). They’re both exhibiting materials which elastic limit has not been exceeded. This can be assumed because the graph is linear.

I used excel to calculate the equation of Y1 to be:

Y1 = 1.56x + 1.38

In the specification Y2 was dependent on Y1:

y2 = (a + 0.5)x + c Where c = 0.2

Substituting, the equation for Y2 is:

Y2 = (1.56+0.5)x + 0.2

I then had to calculate the intercept between the two lines. Using the graph to estimate the value of (2.3, 5). I then calculated the actual value. I used excel What If Analyses – Goal seek to do this.

Goal seek

This gave me the value of the the intercept to be (2.35, 5.04)

I was then asked to plot a new graph, with the equation:

Z = x^3 + B 

B = 1.38

X vs Z Dark

X vs Z table Dark

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